The changing world of digital interaction requires businesses to engage their customers’ more productive way. Customers are not only looking for more information, they are also looking for superior and faster services. That’s why we designed a digital commerce platform which not only meets your customer’s demands but ahead of your customer’s need.

All On One System

By bringing customers, sales team, and supply chain all on one system, SEMBA helps you adjust as your customers’ expectations change. Further, we engage both your sales team & customers in our multifaceted platform.
all in one system2

Greater Visibility

With a single system for customer interaction, order entry, and after sales interaction, SEMBA gives you complete visibility to your customers’ needs so you can plan ahead.

Be Ready for Anything

Whether you are opening a new division or acquiring a new business which requires you to change or create new processes for your customers and sales team, SEMBA provides the agility necessary to respond to your changes.
be ready for anything

Maximize Reliability & Security

SEMBA provides protection and continuous updates which many of the software vendors can’t. We are continuously building, monitoring, and maintaining maximum uptime. 99.9% availability in the past year.

Stay Current

With SEMBA, every customer is on the latest version of our software. As we roll out new versions, your system automatically converts to the latest release. No more disruptive upgrades – and no one is left behind.
Keep Current
On time budget

Go Live On Time & On Budget

When it comes to speed and value, SEMBA continuously raises the bar. Customers go live in 45 days on average.

We Love What We Do

Work with people who are passionate about their work. Happy employees make happy customers.
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