SEMBA Cloud Commerce

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

Our Customers Reap The Benefits

We are fully integrated with TaxJar Sales Tax. It’s one of the many benefits we offer to our customers. With TaxJar, SEMBA customers enjoy automatic sales tax calculation. The tax rates are always up to date.

It Doesn't Stop There

The benefits for our customers keep coming. TaxJar Sales Tax Automation with SEMBA includes optional sales tax filing. No more spreadsheets or headaches. Not to mention, nexus management and comprehensive sales tax reporting.

Keep On Going

SEMBA Cloud Commerce full integration with TaxJar Sales Tax means you only deal with one platform. From there, you will find automated and simplified customer tax exemption management. Even better – automated and simplified production tax exemption management. Are you ready to get started?

More Value With Optional Add-Ons

send tax return

Use TaxJar AutoFile to automatically submit your returns to the states where you’re registered – never miss a filing date.

flag notification

Keep track of your economic threshold in each state. Import sales data into TaxJar to receive proactive notifications and recommendations.