The SEMBA Platform

Solutions for a Digital Transformation

Our out of the box, ready-to-go solutions for complex B2B processes enables the discovery, procurement, and purchasing of products leveraging advanced analytics to provide enterprises a superior and customizable eCommerce experience.

Our configurable platform streamlines your omnichannel sales processes and brings state of the art experiences to your customers and sales team.

Solutions for Retailers

Brick & Mortar Stores

Retailers use SEMBA Insight POS to deliver improved customer service and personalized experience to customers.

Online Customers

Help and serve your online customers directly from the POS. Our AI powered tools bring bring superior experiences to your customers and sales team.


Our platform comes with the complete B2B functionalities to fit your business needs.

This includes RFQ, CPQ, contract pricing, volume pricing, and bundle pricing.

Custom product ordering and custom catalog for each customer; sell on payment terms and COD online and offline order. We also include invoice history, online invoice payment, credit card and ACH, multiple employee login, and role based permissions.

Distributors & Wholesalers

SEMBA B2B2C platform’s customization processes accommodate both of your business flows. Our platform allows you to configure customer specific product pricing, login based product pricing, automatic order scheduling, online bill pay, and more.


Our platform comes with processes and flows to rollout new franchises efficiently.

Either using your same brand or multiple brands, we help you configure and streamline processes to fit your needs.


SEMBA Analytics

SEMBA Analytics measures and monitors the performances of products and various customers. Create custom events for notifications and more.