B2B Digital Commerce

SEMBA B2B Digital Commerce brings your online and offline sales processes and creates deeper interaction with customers.

Shopping Cart Features

Our shopping cart does more than hold products. With SEMBA’s artificial intelligence, we customize product recommendations and recognize top selling products. The customer can reorder lists and recommendations, as well as schedule orders and make credit card payments. 

B2B Features

Our B2B features include the versatility of multi-branding, multi-stores, multi-catalogs, and multi-ship to. Pickups can also be scheduled, pick up and delivery (COD), and sell on payment terms. 

Invoice & Statements

The SEMBA Platform offers convenient online invoices and payments, accessible from anywhere. Customer statements are also catalogued online. Invoice reminders, including late invoice reminders, keep payments on track. Credit card payments and ACH payments are easily completed with SEMBA’s streamlined system.

Multi Marketplace

Now you have easy access to the various market places. Publish your products to multiple market places from our platform. Sell your excess inventory to millions of buyers easily.

  • Publish your products to one or multiple market places
  • All market place orders are at one place
  • Publish market place specific pricing
  • Reconcile market place orders easily.
  • Reconcile market place charges easily.
  • Download and reconcile market place payments easily

SEMBA Insight

No more complex order entry. SEMBA Insight POS allows your sales representative to manage orders and payments in-store or on-the-go easily. A perfect solution for your delivery team to create and manage orders and payment. No additional training needed.

Customers & Orders

Our SEMBA Insight app is convenience and accessibility at your fingertips. Create sales quotes and sales orders in-app. Receive and manage customer payments, and provide support for online customers right from the app. Customer signatures and delivery confirmation are accepted in-app, as well.

Analytics for the Sales Team

Support your sales team like never before. SEMBA Insight offers analytics for individual customers, orders, and payments. Users can view open and closed orders, and important information such as overdue or upcoming payments. 

Tracking by Lot & Serial Number

SEMBA Insight facilitates tracking and delivery like never before. In-app, record lot numbers on delivery or pickup. Record serial number on delivery or pickup. Customers want more products? Using the app, create orders on delivery. Record evidence of order delivery in app to keep a constant record of tracking information. 

Supply Chain

Bring your supply chain information to your customer and server better.

  • Set ordering schedule based on the defined interval
  • Set ordering schedule based on the actual demand
  • Inventory availability based on virtual or brick and mortar stores
  • Alert for the sales team for customer demand and fulfillment
  • Advance demand notification
  • Missed order schedules

End to End

A fully integrated Digital Commerce platform for your financial and enterprise resource planning.

  • Allow customers to see the complete life cycle of their transactions.
  • Discover product demands from customer’s behavior 
  • Product recommendations based on customer purchase history 
  • End-to-end integration with popular financial and ERP software


SEMBA Analytics brings a comprehensive insight to your customers and sales data.

  • View sales trends
  • View payment trends
  • View market place trends
  • View customer behaviors
  • View user behaviors
  • See predictive demands by the customers
  • See predictive demands by the products