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Our Story

After working in the software industry for 25 years as an engineer, consultant, CTO, and CIO roles and helping thousands of enterprises achieve their goals by streamlining their businesses and processes, our founder Asis Biswas saw first hand how businesses struggle with technologies to meet the demand of 21st centuries. 

He wanted to help the businesses so they don’t have to worry about how to build the technology and how to start the project and how to make their investment future proof. That’s when SEMBA was born in 2016.

The Problem

Enterprises have eCommerce and procurement needs that are not solvable with solutions that target B2C businesses, making them ill-equipped to build long lasting, efficient business processes. This leads to a great loss of time, money, inventory and data procurement issues, and growth pains. Despite the need for a full suite solution, available products offer only a partial toolkit.


The Solution

SEMBA is an easy to use B2B digital commerce platform for enterprises. SEMBA offers an out of the box, ready-to-go solutions for complex B2B processes to enable the discovery, procurement, and purchasing of products. The platform leverages advanced analytics to provide businesses a superior and customizable commerce & interaction experience.
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We believe in solving problems, no matter how hard or how easy it is. Here at SEMBA, we have simplified B2B Digital Commerce.

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We believe happy employees make happy customers.

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We are always working hard to make our customers happy.